What is the Purpose of My Life?

The purpose of my life has changed significantly since the death of my husband.

I went from taking care of him 24/7, as well as my toddler, to only my toddler who is growing up. That is a large amount of time and responsibility that I don’t have anymore.

I will add to this more later.

Dealing with the loss of a huge presence

It’s been a little over six months since my husband died.

Life has become a bit less hectic, things have calmed down a bit, but they are nowhere near normal or relaxing.

It takes a lot of time to adjust to someone not being there, especially someone with such a large personality and powerful presence. We had a pretty exciting life and he was a person who was constantly on the go, planning new adventures and trips. He was a very extroverted person, constantly talking to me and coming up with new ideas for things we could do and places to go. He always had something interesting to say, so much so that my introverted self often needed “alone time” to let my mind take a break and relax.

It’s a huge hole in my life to have such a large presence gone.